A letter to myself...

Dear Monny, 

If you’re reading this letter you’ve just reached home. But before you unpack your bags and settle back into the business of ‘normal life’, I want to take some time to write down a few things about our time together just to make sure we never forget. I want to thank you for being an incredible friend to me this past month. I want to thank you for pushing me to explore myself and what truly makes me happy. For giving me a voice to express myself in both moments of complete bliss and silliness - to allowing me to break and feel the heaviness that life sometimes requires. I want to thank you for listening to me when I was tired of exploring and just wanted to sit by myself in the park all day and read and journal, for giving me the confidence to go out of my way to say hello, for making sure I never felt alone or like I was missing anything because I always had you. I want to thank you for pushing me to jump off that cliff into the ocean, to dance in public in the daytime, to wear whatever I felt like - regardless of whether I was scared or there was anyone around to show off to. You reminded me to do things just for me - and that made me feel so incredibly brave, empowered, ALIVE.. I know these are things that I should just do, and I’m trying not to feel pathetic that I needed to be reminded. Our friendship has allowed me to see and feel my inner strength and truly know that I can do whatever it is I want to do in this world, in this life. I’m writing you this letter because I’ve thanked you for this before but somehow I forgot how beautiful it was to feel this way. But not this time, okay? We’ve come too far, grown too much, and now know more than ever how important this friendship is to us. Thank you for being my best friend. 
Yours truly,

(A letter to myself, 10.10.2018)

Image by sweetheart, Gabi Mulder @gabimulder

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