How we shop ZERO WASTE for our TINY HOME

2020 saw fires rampage down the east coast and across Australia, damaging millions of hectares of land taking thousands of people and animal homes and exhausting our country's volunteer firefighting services to no end.

The majority of locals of these small towns were forced to reconsider their livelihoods - and this was all before the devastation of COVID19 hit.

Now that the restrictions are loosening and tourism is finding its feet again, Tom and I couldn’t think of anywhere better to head first in the bus than to slow travel down the East Coast of Australia and give back to rural communities in whatever way we could.

Remember to shop local, support local industries (camping services etc), appreciate nature more than ever before, give thanks & and most importantly - leave no trace.

Disclaimer: We strive to be as close to 'zero waste' as we can, predominantly avoiding the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials. It's difficult on the road to stick to this all of the time, so we allow a little breathing room to ensure we aren't too hard on ourselves.

Shopping at local fresh produce markets is a great place to start on any 'zero waste' journey, as they tend to have far less plastic packaging, a bulk foods section for any dry goods, and stations to fill up containers with amazing honey, olive oil or jam.

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