Moni's Treasure Map of Byron Bay

I first moved to Byron Bay about two years ago. I’d spent the previous four years working full time in offices and studying at night and sort of getting caught up in all that city life stuff. It was fun and super fast paced which was good for me, but there was something about it that didn’t sit quite right. In my final year of studying Engineering (which is what I moved to Brisbane to do), Modelling work and love trailed bread crumbs down the highway until one day I just woke up and I was living in a caravan in Broken Head. That summer I gave myself a break - I surfed every day, let my hair grow out, trained my island feet back up again as I ran barefoot though every surface in bikinis and overalls and remembered what it was like to live simply. 

Since then, Byron has been my safety net - a place to come home to when the world inevitably got crazy (the way I seem to like it). Being able to integrate, heal and explore myself here has been a gift I never knew I was signing up for. As I stumbled around finding things to do, I could have never planned that what I was actually doing was building myself a tool box of self-help that I could draw on for the rest of my life to find balance and inner peace. For here in my heart is the truest seed of self-knowing and love, planted in me to water no matter where I go or who I’m with. 

So this is my treasure map of healing in Byron - from classes, to nature, food, threads.. I hope this guides you to your inner magic and places you never thought you’d go (both in and outside of yourself).


Monday night - Guided meditation with Cade and Josh: Let Cade’s voice hold your hand through meditation as the vibration of Josh’s didjeridoo moves through you. Share presence with those around you with a nourishing vegan meal.

Tuesday night - Drop in Life Drawing at the Corner Palm: Let art heal you with a non-assisted, non-intimidating life drawing class eating snacks and playing with charcoal.

Wednesday night - Ladies Night at Kiva Spa: relax on your own or with your girlfriends in the spa’s, sauna, steam rooms and plunge pools.

Friday morning - Mullumbimby Farmers markets: get a taste of organic produce and the characters of Mullumbimby.

Weekend gig - Dancing is one of my favourite practices of release and Byron is home to so many talented musicians as well as those passing by. The Northern Hotel, Brewery or Brunswick Pub are my favourite for a little boogy.


Byron draws so many incredible healers to do their hearts work. Living here has provided me the opportunity to explore and let go of my past heart aches to become the best version of myself. Healing is always personal and different methods resonate with different people. I would suggest letting your intuition guide you for whatever calls out to you, but here are my favourites..

Creature Yoga: I love moving my body to get rid of stagnant energy and show myself love from my mind to the very tips of my fingers and toes. It took me a while to go to a yoga studio because Byron is yogi central and I was scared I’d be the only one there who didn’t know what I was doing! But I found the teachers at Creature are really encouraging and mindful for your personal journey. 

Crystal Castle: Full of energetically charged crystals and healing sessions set in the hinterlands of Byron bay. 

Tapping with Teddi: There are so many alternative medicines and practices in Byron it would take a lifetime to try them all. My favourite was working with Teddi who uses tapping to resolve stored traumas and teaches techniques for ongoing practice. Teddi also has an online course called “Confidence of a Queen” that I’d really keep my eye out for (you can also do it  online).

Wildfox Acupuncture: This incredible woman has restored balance to my body time and time again, especially since an operation at the start of last year that saw the removal of one of my ovaries. Bo practices Chinese medicine and is my go to for women’s wellbeing. 

Yoni mapping session: This ones only for those who are ready. Recently I gifted myself a yoni massage with the practitioner Mariam at the Womb Temple. I did this to get to know my body, resolve physical and psychological traumas in my womb and increase confidence with my sexuality. For me, this was a transition to embracing my womanhood and how I felt would teach me what I wanted to learn. 


It wasn’t until I actually lived in Byron that I really understood what everyone meant by the land being ‘energetically charged’. Here are some of the ways I have enjoyed natures secrets and blessings..

Sunset spots: in the hinterlands (Coopers shoot, Hayters Hill), the hill off the Broken Head walk and Brunswick River.

Journal and go skinny dipping at the Tea Tree Lakes: These have been sacred womens areas for thousands of years and have the most special feel to them. I love to gather with my girlfriends here or go by myself when I’m feeling soft and in need of me time (I find it’s especially nourishing at womb time).

Secret waterfalls and beaches: There are plenty of secret waterfalls and beaches around the area, and half the fun is finding them! Get in a car and set off on a spontaneous adventure of who can find the most secluded beach. I love to pan over google maps to help me find hidden treasures… These spots are usually black spots for a reason, respect the magic and don’t share the location ;)

FOOD (and hang outs) .. They kind of go hand in hand here.

One of the most beautiful things about living in Byron is all of the fresh local produce and creative cooking. Food has the ability to awaken our senses and nourish our bodies with good intentions. Here are some of my favourites:

Breakfast - The Byron General Store: My OG spot. This is the first place that ever gave me permission to put a sunflower on the wall and it’s testament to the love and support for the local community. From the cocao and peanut butter smoothie bowls to vegan waffles, I always feel like home here and think the world of the guys for celebrating the history of the building and it’s place in Byron’s community.

Lunch - Doma: Head out to the hills for the day and check out Minyon Falls or Crystal Castle and tie it in with Lunch at Doma. Sit amongst the chickens and have the most inventive Japanese food the region has to offer. My favourite is the Miso Eggplant.

Dinner - Bang Bangs: Best. Thai. Ever. I’m not going to say anything more - except every single thing on this menu will blow your mind.

Couch hangs at the Tree house: This is my local chill spot to catch up with friends on the couches and order fries (or a margarita) and listen to good music. The best day to do this is Sunday when Eva is DJing.. 

Hot drinks - Spice: A little hole in the wall near Main Beach. The couple who run this place make my heart hum with their humble vibe and medicinal mushroom specialty drinks. I always ask for the Lozzy special.. It’s different every time ;) I’ve also been lucky enough to put a fairy garden mural here, which is a cute little photo spot if I say so myself..

Cold drinks - Bare blends: Best smoothies in Byron and away from the noise in the Industrial estate.

Snacks - Santos: There’s one of these in the industrial or the one in town is also next to the Source Bulk Foods. Filled with organic produce and yummy ‘chocolate’ coated things, this place is the best.  Look for the ‘moon balls’.. 


Byron is filled with creatives who are either making their own little goodies or collecting them from all over the world. I like to think of the clothes I wear as a costume for how I’d like to express myself - so the intentions behind the clothing is really important to me. There are plenty of shops if you just walk the streets - but these are my favourites:

Chasing Unicorns: Have the unique experience to see Sarah’s pieces in the flesh in the Industrial estate. Loyal to traditional techniques and inspired by vintage, CU is pretty much my go to for everything and Sarah is a queen herself.

TRASH and Mr Vintage: Epic range of vintage and second hand clothes for signature pieces, parties and general funky wear.

Miss Browns Vintage: One stop shop for the most exquisite bags, cowboy boots, Sunday dresses and classic swimwear. This one is a bit of a higher price point but for good reason.. The things you find here you’ll cherish for life.

If you still can’t find something to do, try he Byron Community Centre either online or walk in and check out the notice boards. If it doesn’t have anything, my guess is you’ll run in to exactly who you need to on the way there.

But this is only the surface! Byron is filled with hidden treasures and I would love to hear from you. Comment below little gems that you’ve found in Byron and I’ll be sure to add them to my treasure map whenever I return..

Shot by Rodney Deane
At the Byron General Store



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