Motherhood Q&A

The journey of motherhood is one of the most rewarding experiences you could ever imagine. What once was nothing but you and your surroundings, now becomes two. Every thing you do, everything you are – is for and because of you and your little one. Both a blessing and a beautiful reward for who you once were, to who you are now. In today’s new episode, I will be discussing the ways motherhood has both changed and evolved myself, my environment and my relationships. Though some of the changes are big and overwhelming, it is what makes me, me and I’m loving every step of the way – learning more about myself and my little angel, Blue.

Question 1: How has your relationship changed since becoming parents?

In the biggest way, we have learned to just love and except each other fully. Surrendering to those really vulnerable and challenging moments as a parent and accepting the ways of handling and dealing in the now with both present and past traumas. Loving in ones weakest moments and showing nothing but constant support is always key!

Question 2: What is the most beautiful thing Motherhood has taught you?

Presence – living in the now! Since having Blue, she’s really taught me and (sometimes tells me in her own little ways) to stop and take a breath, live day to day by appreciating the small things in life. She’s been my biggest creation and eye-opener in life, really showing me that nothing else matters. Even to be able to say that is just SO big and such a rewarding experience to live by.

Question 3: What do you wish someone told you before you became a mother?

You might not always feel ready. And that’s okay! The whole process of motherhood is an initiation. The beginning of something new. You’re not supposed to know what you’re doing straight away. It’s all a learning progress… a very rewarding one. But, the one thing I wish someone told me was that – pregnancy will prepare you for birth, if you let it! You will know through the process what your baby uniquely needs from you as a mother.

Question 4: How can a partner support a mother?

There are many ways! For example, Tom has always been there to support me, no matter what, through thick and thin. Stepping up as both a man and a father figure to our daughter Blue, spending time alone with her when mama needs space or even by ensuring I’m eating the right nutritious foods that my body needs as a supportive mother, constantly breastfeeding. It’s always great to have that extra support on the side. 

So, there you have it! Our Q&A on motherhood and the lifestyle changes you experience. Truly, it will always hold a sacred spot in my heart to be able to have given life to such a beautiful, blissful baby girl. Blue – I love you and want to take this time to thank you for all that you’ve done for me now and in my future.

In summary - motherhood is a huge initiation! I hope this helps you On The Way, Montana x

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