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Living ‘off grid’ provides an experience like no other. Self-sufficiently living off of the earth in a sustainable manner, away from all the everyday utilities we take for granted, such as electricity, gas and water to name a few – It’s truly magical!

So often we are surrounded by our mobile phones and the internet, distracting ourselves from what’s right in front of us. Taking this time away from all distractions allows for time to discover yourself, find what it is you need and in general, take a break! We try and go off grid as much as possible to re-connect with nature and show our Blue what the earth has to offer. Each trip is always so memorable and something I will forever cherish!

While living off grid is nothing but a pure, raw and carefree environmental experience, there are some pro’s and con’s that follow along with the activity of doing so;

Mon’s Pro’s & Con’s:


  • Clarity and focus because no messy frequency’s with Wi-Fi or 5G / radiation etc (I know there is a lot of ‘inconclusive’ science out on this, but I can physically feel the difference when I am outside of these zones)
  • Presence with family
  • Heaps of play and immersion in nature
  • Adventure!

Con’s: (which are also pros)

  • Difficulties with keeping up with work
  • Hard to stay in touch with the outside world / distant family
  • Sometimes missing out on great opportunities because you can’t get back to people in time but that’s also a lesson of presence in itself and trust in Divine timing
  • Running out of water when you really want a hot shower
  • Running out of power and you really want to read a book.. lucky for candles ;)
  • Constant readjustment and surrender of everyday comfort abilities and bringing back to basics

*All the cons are just a reminder of what is important and the simplicities of life.*

Living off grid should most definitely be experienced by someone at least once in their life. It provides a place where all your worries can be set free. I encourage YOU to take some time for yourself or with the ones you love, to find a place completely out of sight while packing only the essentials and experience how it feels deep in your bones.

Explore the magic that mother earth has to offer, run barefoot through the forest, swim in waterholes and stay up late watching the stars. The life you are living now is completely up to you.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode and finding out what we get up to On The Way..

Mon x

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