Version 1: The love of my life and I decided to have a baby within a couple months of being together because we were so sure of each other. We built a bus to live in and now live off-grid and intend to slow travel exploring our country as soon as we’re able with our baby girl. It is the happiest, most free, most love-driven version of my life I have ever known and I feel lucky every single day.

Version 2: Tom and I decided to have a baby without any real foundations of a relationship. We have been getting to know each other and understanding acceptance in a faster rate than I’ve ever known possible. We’ve done this under the pressure/lens of recovering from his near-death experience (both physically and mentally), my pregnancy-induced hormones (which are by no means chill) and the sudden transition from a 23-year-old girl to a 25-year-old woman/mother.

Due to Tom’s injury, he’s unable to work with his original skillset (tradesman), as well as we decided that building the bus with his own two hands would be better for his piece of mind, working ability, and our financial capacity. This has also meant I have worn the weight of financially providing for our family all throughout pregnancy (up until 2 hours before labour) and while navigating being a new mum (no matter how natural or enjoyable it is, it’s still a HUGE challenge!)

Both versions are our reality. This is real life. It’s messy. Huge. Testing. Blissful. Wonder-filled. Adventurous. Heartbreaking. Heart filling. And I am so convinced there is no one version without the other.

So if you’re reading this and you’re lucky enough to be navigating life with someone you share complete unconditional love; withhold them a little tighter, accept a little deeper, love a little harder.. because it’s not always easy, but it is beautiful.

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