What we can do to help the burning Amazon..

The Amazon, the lungs of our world, has been burning out of control for 3 weeks and we are only just finding out. The cause? Farmers clearing the land for agriculture and MONEY.

Brazil’s president would rather make outlandish claims and dismiss climate change than do anything about it. But this is OUR mother. We are watching. We are listening. And TOGETHER, we have power. So what can WE do?


  • Be more thoughtful about our food consumption. Money makes this world go round and the agriculture industry is the leading cause of deforestation world wide. By simply shopping local, eating in season and reducing/removing meat consumption, we literally put our money where our mouths are and show the world that WE DO NOT SUPPORT THIS. 

    If you still can’t bring yourself to reduce meat consumption, at least boycott fast food as this is the biggest industry for rainforest beef.

  • Make your voice heard by signing the Greenpeace petition. Or explore petitions on Change.org. A lawyer in Rio Branco has accumulated over 77,000 of his 150,000 goal to mobilze investigation of Amazonian fires!

  • Protect an acre of rainforest through the Rainforest Action Network or Rainforest Trust.

  • Reduce paper consumption and support certified ethical industries. For info on responsible paper, head to Rainforest Alliance. To support arts, science and other projects that raise awareness about the amazon, head to Amazon Aid Foundation.

  • Support World Wide Fund for Nature who rescue & protect animals world wide.

  • Keep caring and believing that we can make a difference. As a collective consciousness, we have the ability to make real change in the world. But it is only possible if we stay positive and use our voice when it is called.



Original artwork by me, showcasing the raw beauty in coexistence with nature.

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