Why We Aren't In The Bus - LIFE UPDATE



6 weeks ago, we got the call that there was an opening for Tom to get the knee surgery he’d been waiting for to help his leg heal after the accident nearly two years ago. We were told it would be a simple day surgery with max 3 days down time so we booked a place to stay in the Gold Coast to take it slow and recover before heading up north to warmer weather.

The bus is a lot of hard work to keep running - when you’re responsible for your own water, toilet waste, rubbish, limited storage space for food, without a washing machine and a baby - it all adds up.

The morning of the surgery we said a blasè goodbye and waved Tom off in an Uber to the hospital. Night time came around and I still hadn’t heard from him and it was clear that it didn’t go to plan. When we finally got the call to pick him up, we were told the surgery took a different route to expected but ultimately it would be better for him in the long run.

The only thing was - he needed 6 weeks off his feet - And it couldn’t be in the bus. We had one day to figure out somewhere to stay. One day to pack everything up, cancel all of our plans and work, one day to adjust to having the carpet ripped from under neath us yet again. And as it turns out - one day was all we needed.

By some miracle, a room in my brothers house became available the exact day we were planned to leave the BNB. It had been almost 10 years since we had all spent quality time together as we all moved out fairly young and it felt like a complete blessing to be able to share such a special time of blue’s life with my family. my brother is super creative, so we spent the next month painting murals, playing music, doing shoots, making incredible food, dancing and lots and lots of laughing. It had been the first time since Blue came along that I felt like we had actual community and to watch my family come together and get to know her was the biggest gift.

I’m not going to lie, there were a lot of hard times in there. the first few weeks especially felt completely overwhelming and every day seemed like a mountain to climb just to get through. But It just goes to show that, when life turns upside down or goes completely the opposite to plan - sometimes, it’s exactly what you need. So where are we now?

We’ve just moved into a space to have some time to ourselves and ease for the launch of our next ventures (check out our new website if you have the chance!). And we’re hoping to move back into the bus in the next couple of weeks.

You know, pending the state of the world at that time. But honestly, If you asked us what was coming next, I have no answer for you. I guess you’ll just have to find out what happens On The Way.

Song Credits: Panthurr - I Love You

Elijah Who - My New Love




Thank you for being so real about sharing your journey with all the highs and lows 💕 You are on the way to a beautiful adventure called Life 💕🌻🦋🙏


You make my wednesdays sooo much better🌞 Sending love to you, Tom and Blue-berry🌻

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