Why we DON'T use diapers. Explaining ELIMINATION COMMUNICATION (EC)


Our baby hasn’t poo’d in a nappy since she was 2 weeks old because we do Elimination Communication (EC). 
Watch our video for WHAT, WHY AND HOW we do EC as well as a short FAQ.


HOW TO GET STARTED: You’re not alone! There is a HUGE Elimination community out there and this is what makes it seem all a lot more achievable! To get started, I suggest grabbing the ‘GUIDE TO EC’ Ebook. You can find the one I used here: https://bit.ly/2CXNcaU

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To check out the whole shop (physical books, courses & additional resources) head here: https://bit.ly/3ll2APR



A QUICK SUMMARY ON EC:  EC is the process of using a toilet for your baby instead of relying on a diaper.

The biggest reason why we started taking Blue to the toilet at 2 weeks old is learning that being left to sit in a soiled diaper can add to shame and disassociation with our intimate areas - especially for girls.

And it makes sense!

Think about the difference between spending the first 2-4 years of your life with reactions to your genitalia being like this 🤢 or this 😄?!

Think about how many women you know, even yourself, and what the relationship is with our body & yoni and where these patterns first began?

Babies are so much more conscious than we have been led to believe 🤯 & it is one of my biggest priorities as a mama that Blue feels confident AND empowered in her body.

There are many reasons and ways to start your EC journey and it all starts with learning more about it.

We trust this video will help and would love to hear about your journey below!

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