#ZeroWasteChallenge BREAKFAST ft. Ulu Hye


A back story.. Living off grid requires A LOT more consideration and preparation than the convenience of living in a town or city. With our closest shop always being 30 mins + away, limited storage space and constantly making an effort to reduce our waste - making one small change can actually make a huge difference in our lives (and the planet). I made the conscious switch 5 years ago to shop local, organic and minimal waste. I did this ultimately to nurture my body, local economy and the earth. Since becoming a family and moving into the bus, this relationship has only deepened.

Over the last few years I’ve seen our waste change from filling up a standard rubbish bin every week to now the majority of our waste going to compost, then recycling, and filling a standard rubbish bin once a month (if that). We have done this through taking a close look at the key waste contributors in our lives and making the switch one by one to ease our journey and create normalcy around seeking more sustainable alternatives.

A solution.. A big change for us has been switching to plant milks and looking at long life/store bought alternatives. Pre-baby I had a lot more time to buy nuts from the bulk food store and make fresh nut milk every 2-3 days depending on what I needed. However post-baby I found myself buying long life cartons for the convenience and ease. The only problem was not only was this taking up storage space but I found out many of these long-life containers aren’t actually recyclable due to the constitution of their packaging. 

A solution to long life cartons & plant milks I have been trying & testing over the last year has been Ulu Hye. Essentially what they do is provide vegan, organic pre-prepared condensed nuts in a jar to be able to blend with water and provide fresh milk. This provides SUBSTANTIAL space saving as well as the glass jars being 100% recyclable (and reusable). We’ve actually made an entire spice rack out of our nut jars! 


To put it simply: 1 jar = 10L of milk. 

To put it even more simply for my earth-warriors: This helps eliminate more than 500,000 cartons and containers from ending up in landfill each year. All ingredients used across the Ulu Hye range are of the highest and organically sourced qualities, allowing the product to be suitable for diets such as vegan and paleo, as well as being gluten free, sugar free, soy free and free of emulsifiers, additives, thickeners, gums and preservatives. 

Watch the video to show how we use Ulu Hye and complete our zero waste breakfast challenge (including recipe for hollandaise sauce on eggs!)

I hope this helps you get On The Way,

Mon x

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