Our Story

What is On The Way?

We are an inspired community On The Way to purposeful living and in alignment with our truth. On The Way is a place to remember to dream, encourage critical thinking, and to provide an intimate support network for creating the change our world is calling for. 

Join us as we explore living off grid, adventures in our bus, conscious parenting, creativity and mindfulness, people with purpose and whatever else the world throws at us. Because as we all know, life isn’t about the destination - it’s what happens On The Way.

A Letter from Montana

‘The dream of living in a bus has been in the making since I did my engineering thesis on tiny homes over four years ago. From traveling all over the world, I knew what made me happiest wasn’t where I was, what I was wearing or what I had with me - it was who was there and that I was free.

When Tom and I first found out we were having a baby we were 23 and 25. Tom had just been hit by a boat and was unsure of his future of walking (let alone working) and I’d just walked away from a career in engineering and was relying on modelling to see me through to my next chapter. It didn’t take long for the morning sickness to kick in and we realised we had to come up with something new and quick, because our life was about to change in a very big way. 

We didn’t have a house, secure jobs, a financially supportive family or any of the things one would think you need to have a baby. But we did have a dream: to travel our country, be present with our baby and inspire others On The Way.

For this reason, we joke that we fell pregnant with the idea of our not-for-profit Murals For Change at the same time as Blue came along. And in a funny way, they birthed around the same time, too. Murals for Change is an organisation that combines art, activism and mindfulness to inspire future leaders and paint a better world. From growing up in a small town and a very low-socioeconomic background, I knew how important it is to be able to provide opportunities of empowerment to a diverse audience.. This is why I made MFC a not-for-profit and why we aim to provide our workshops for FREE.

But that’s only the beginning.

We didn’t know how we were going to make this big dream of ours possible, so we just started taking steps towards the direction we wanted to go in. This was a massive inspiration for us to design, build & move into our off-grid converted bus as we knew it would be a way to minimise our costs (as well as impact on the environment) and make our big dream more achievable.

On the first day of lock down in Australia, our lease was up and we had to move into our half-finished bus. We had no idea how serious things were going to be or what to expect, but we felt like we had no other option. The grants that we were relying on to make Murals For Change possible fell through (as the arts industry has been one of the biggest to suffer from the closures) and like so many people across the world it felt like the rug had been completely ripped out from underneath us. So we parked our bus on a friends property in the hinterlands of Byron Bay and started work shopping our dream, AGAIN.. 

"I don’t know about you, but the first huge lock down in Australia felt like a massive wake up call to consider what really mattered."

Unable to enjoy the distractions of everyday living, we found ourselves working on/with the land, making our food from scratch and the connections we were able to keep with those we loved almost feeling like they were keeping us alive. And while the world felt like it was collapsing around us, you could find us somewhere between dancing barefoot through the trees and having a melt down with the uncertainty of it all.

"Living with purpose and in alignment with our truth is something I have always been passionate about, however in that moment I realised that it was no longer a luxury - but a vital step towards maintaining any form of happiness in the wake of a new normal."

And so, On The Way was born. A platform to connect, inspire and encourage people to live in alignment with their truth and purpose. A place to feel home when the world is moving too fast and you feel like you’re the only person in the world who cares. A place to remember to dream.

Because as you have seen, life isn’t about the destination - it’s what happens On The Way.