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Product Benefits 

The finger lime can protect your skin from free radicals and may help repair your skin barrier function, while giving your skin a hydrating boost.

If you've got sensitive skin, dermatitis, eczema, irritation, blemish prone or dry skin - the Finger Lime Repair is your go to! 

30ml serum bottles generally last 3 months if you're applying it to a small area of the skin, and around 2 months if you're using it all over the body.

History of Finger Lime (Gulalung)

Australian Native plants is something that has always fascinated me, the power in the medicinal benefits of the finger lime has been passed down in Aboriginal culture for 65 thousand years.

It has been recorded that the Finger Lime (Citrus Australasica) citrus pulp was once forged for in the tropical regions of Australia, used as a food source and medicine to ward off sickness, it was also applied topically for its antiseptic effect. 

Today we draw on the ancient teachings of the Traditional Custodians of the land, as we reconnect with the Australian bush & unearth the natural benefits of our Native flora and bottle the bio-active nutrients to give your skin a natural glow. 


When applied it feels like a light water based moisturizer, and doesn't feel oily when applied. 


Citrus Australisica (Finger Lime) fruit extract (and) glycerine (and) aqua (and) sodium benzoate (and) potassium sorbate (and) citric acid.

Ethical & Sustainable Production 

The finger lime citrus plant is ethically sourced from the Byron Bay hinterland region in Australia. 

We've worked hard to minimalism our packaging so our products are good for you & the planet! 

  • No unnecessary cosmetic boxes are used - we're working on a sustainable packaging solution.
  • We wrap our products in beautiful zero emission tissue paper & sealed sticker
  • Compostable post packs - reuse your post pack or pop it in your home compost.
  • A personalised recycled seeded thank-you card, which you can plant in your garden
  • Miron glass bottles are used to protect the bio-active nutrients.

Cruelty free | Vegan-friendly | No fragrance or hidden anything | Made in Australia | Nut and Gluten-Free