Bluem - Kakadu Plum Skin Rejuvenation Kit

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If you've got relatively healthy skin, that might be feeling a little dull, and perhaps fine lines & wrinkles are a concern, the Skin Rejuvenation Kit is for you. The vitamin-C boost from the Kakadu Plum serum will help your skin glow once more.

Kakadu Plum is the highest known source of vitamin-C in the World, and can help promote collagen production, which may reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

The kit includes: 

1 x 30ml Kakadu Plum Vitamin-C Boost

1 x Nourishing natural handmade body soap

1 x Konjac Sponge for gentle exfoliation 

30ml serum bottles generally last 3 months if you're applying it to a small area of the skin, and around 2 months if you're using it all over the body.