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Our grow kits are designed to easily to grow your own produce, no matter where you live and how much growing experience you have. Few things give you more satisfaction than harvesting your home grown food! Where we can, we integrate Circular Economy principles by using waste products as valuable resources, like coffee waste and single-use coffee cups. It's time to #RethinkWaste and create closed loop systems. The best place to start is in your own kitchen.

Grow kits available: 

  • Oyster Mushroom 
  • Bee Pollination 
  • Alkaline Greens 

Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

~ the gift from nature ~

Just add water and watch them grow multiple harvests.
Prepared from waste coffee grounds: this is the Circular Economy in action!
Once harvested oyster mushrooms are easy to cook and so tasty.

You can now simply grow gourmet oyster mushrooms on your kitchen bench. Become a home grown mushroom farmer and enjoy the vegetarian steak! These mushroom kits are prepared from waste coffee grounds and collected from around the country by Life Cykel.

Alkaline Greens Grow Kit

~ the circular economy in action ~

Grow greens for a groovy smoothie or gourmet meal! Take action with vitamin and alkaline rich Microgreens packed with zesty flavours.

Each box grows 16 harvests of Cress and Mizuna inside 8 recycled single-use coffee cups with our special formula of re-purposed coffee soil.

Bee Pollination Grow Kit

~ it's time to save the bees ~

Grow food for our Bees with this Home Grown Pollination Kit!


Each kit includes:

2 varieties of seeds - Borage and Alyssum

Coffee Compost Mix 

Ready to grow recycled coffee cups