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Who we are

On The Way serves a conscious community of people with resources & tools for purposeful living.

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What we do

We share stories and experiences to help guide your path to a more sustainable lifestyle, no matter where you are on your journey. 

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How we do it

We connect you with value aligned brands you can trust, to help get you On The Way.

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What is living with purpose?

Without purpose, life has no meaning. Without our values, we lose who we are. Living with purpose is a conscious decision to navigate life with integrity and to intentionally consider the impact of our decisions on our earth, the people around us and the ones we leave behind.

"When we live with purpose, every step we take is a move towards a world that we believe in."

— Montana Lower

"Living with purpose and in alignment with our truth is something I have always been passionate about, however in that moment I realised that it was no longer a luxury - but a vital step towards maintaining any form of happiness in the wake of a new normal."

— Montana Lower

 "Life isn’t about the destination - it’s what happens On The Way."

— Montana Lower

Shop the Lifestyle

It’s not that we need to buy more, it’s that we need to buy better. OTW features a curated shop of Montana's favourite brands, hand picked to inspire you On The Way to a more purpose driven lifestyle. We do the hard work for you by identifying aligned brands, making it easier to shop consciously, vote with your dollar and support value aligned business’ that are good for people and the planet.

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